Visibility, consensus, reputation: our first and only goal is to generate value for the brand using integrated communication strategies.


We manage public relations on behalf of national and international clients – through media relations as well as event planning activities, and also through digital PR and integrated communication plans – with a deep expertise in the financial sector, insurance and energy industries.


Be creative and always keep the brand in mind. We go through each phase of the creative process and carry out the plan, defining the best media strategy, both online and offline. Our main clients work in food, welfare, energy, public utilities and financial industries.


The one and only ongoing revolution. The digital world opens endless opportunities: it can be a window into the world, a direct communication channel, e-commerce and multimedia platform. We help brands become web content providers.

BWe believe in


Proudly nerd.


We look at the big picture.


No limits and no borders when it comes to communication.


We adapt to pretty much everything, except the ordinary.

Problem Solving

We love to give the right answer and act that way.


We have a long track record in media relations management, as well as a strong expertise in carrying out advertising campaigns for iconic food brands, creating and managing contents by developing the most effective strategies, approaches and tools within a communication frame that keeps evolving.