W What we do


We manage public relations on behalf of national and international clients – through media relations as well as event planning activities, and also through digital PR and integrated communication plans – with a deep expertise in the financial sector, insurance and energy industries.


Be creative and always keep the brand in mind. We go through each phase of the creative process and carry out the plan, defining the best media strategy, both online and offline. Our main clients work in food, welfare, energy, public utilities and financial industries.


The one and only ongoing revolution. The digital world opens endless opportunities: it can be a window into the world, a direct communication channel, e-commerce and multimedia platform. We help brands become web content providers.

Communication Strategies

Building, strengthening and defending their reputation – when necessary: that’s what we do for our clients. We identify speakers and goals, planning and managing the best way to achieve them. We care about the outcome, but also about the process.

Media Planning and Buying

We deliver the most effective media planning for our clients, keeping goals in mind. We stand by their side in each step of the ad space buying process, with the aim to manage resources at their best.

Brand and Corporate Identity

Brand and corporate identity, positioning, strategy thinking, graphic, inspiration: brand and corporate identity is the result of a creative and accurate process that builds a strong identity.

Content Management

We see a story in every client: we think, develop and distribute original contents according to the brand values and goals, through online and offline media, or via digital direct marketing.

Web Design and Visual Data

Programming, usability, SEM and SEO, visual data: web design today requires many capabilities we have been developing throughout the years to better explain, communicate and sum up, talking by images, always keeping up with the digital and device evolution.

Video and Motion Design

Videos and animations are the most engaging and shared contents of the digital era. We love to discover new ways to communicate: gifs, animated infographics, video motion graphics.